Alonso Delgadillo

Acamonchi Art Studio

1. How do you define the Tijuana-San Diego region?

It is a region full of opportunities for every way of life, a region that offers a very particular energy that makes us feel strong, creative and unstoppable day by day.

2. How do you define your own work?

My artwork is easily adaptable to the surroundings, it has constant changes like the life of people leaving in the border. My colors and forms are a result of my own observation and research I have done for years. Searching for a way to tell the passage of time in relationship with the people and its natural surroundings.

3.How is the geographical context of the Tijuana-San Diego region reflected in your work ?

The them of migration, natural landscapes and the desert are the themes that intertwine and tell a story of the everyday life on the border, generating an archive for our current memory, photographing time and the experiences around my artwork.

About the artwork: “El otro lado” I remember as a child walking everyday from school to home where I could see the San Diego bay on the horizon, a very beautiful view. We could enjoy the pacific but on the other side, and this experience brings me memories of looking at the U.S. from my own neighborhood while we played on the streets and listened to the waves at Playas de Tijuana. This illustration I am presenting is a memory from my Tijuana landscapes, as time has passed.

Alonso Delgadillo

Alonso Delgadillo

Alonso Delgadillo is an international artist based in the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona. He is interested in providing evidence of the popular culture that surrounds him. His stories and memories are turned into murals and drawings that give testimony of the everyday life with his personal style emphasizing the use of lines as a strong characteristic of his work.

His interest focuses on highlighting the mistical beings that inhabit the desert and how they tell stories to his imagination. Other important themes on his series of works are migration derived from his borderlands perspective, urban landscapes and latinamerican artesan works.

Alonso has created public art in places such as Mexico City, Guatemala, Argentina and the U.S. He has a background as a university profesor and has been continuously working on community projects and comissioned fine art. With more tan 12 years of professional experience between disign and public art, Alonso Delgadillo represents the contemporary art from the north of Mexico.