Arturo Elenes

Arturo Elenes

1. How do you define the Tijuana-San Diego region?

This region is a binational economic, social, and communal experience that is unique in the world; with its scale and dynamism, it puts governments and institutions in both Mexico and the United States to the test. Everyone who lives here has no choice but to live with generosity, compassion, and bravery.

2. How do you define your own work?

I always look for the idea first, before even drawing a line; I begin with words and concepts. I believe in the power of simplicity.

3. How is the geographical context of the Tijuana-San Diego region reflected in your work?

It’s reflected in everything I do, from the cultural influences, colors, daily clichés, the language, the way we use English and the much-beloved but sometimes-despised Spanglish. We live here and over there, coming and going; we make money in pesos and spend dollars and vice versa. Living in the borderlands means a duality that is stimulating and humbling at the same time.

Srita. Lechuga

Arturo Elenes

For the last 25 years, I have devoted my life to design and advertising communications.

I am a graphic designer by trade and in my heart. I’m passionate about helping brands to communicate each company’s unique truth and to create an irresistible story.

Companies have to possess a central idea—big, simple, and true—in order to grow in the market. We help them to communicate this idea. To do that, we analyze the past, we become familiar with the present, and we point toward the future. It’s there—in the future—where our clients’ services and products compete on a daily basis; we help brands to always walk on a forward path.

I’ve collaborated with some of the most relevant brands in Northern Mexico and Southern California: Calimax, Aguas de Rosarito, Burger King, Grupo Centura, Chevrolet, Sempra Energy, IEnova, Productos Rosarito, Wild Cypress, Rancho Tecate, and Grupo Editores del Noroeste.

Currently, I am co-founder, partner, and director of business development for Enigma Creative in Tijuana, Baja California.