Crio Bravo

1.How do you define the Tijuana-San Diego region?

Chaotic, you can very clearly distinguish the social and cultural contrast on both sides. At least that’s how I see it in my daily life.

2.How do you define your own work?

It’s a new project that seeks to reflect mexicanisms from my point of view, I haven’t explored much outside of that topic, fur speaking broadly that’s what it’s about. I think it can result in interesting things, it’s colorful and nostalgic.

3. How is the geographical context of the Tijuana-San Diego region reflected in your work?

My context is precisely what inspires this project. The way I see and live the border everyday.

Adrian Orozco

Adrian Orozco

My name is Adrian Orozco, I have a trajectory as a graphic designer. This pandemic has pushed me to explore a more artistic side, separating the designer in me. So “Criobravo” is a visual expression project that is very short-lived and has a short trajectory, but is filled with color, simplicity and a lot of heart.: