Proyect QDRPNT

Artwork created for QDRPNT, electronic music project by Pepe Mogt. Quadripoint is a point on the earth that touches the border of four distinct territories.

1. How would you define the TJ-SD region?

On one hand it is a region divided by political circumstances, with a big wall that sets two cultures and a million stories apart. On the other hand, it’s a strategic region with a social dynamic with cross-border ties that redefine it as a place that is rich in good and talented people, with diverse and great natural wealth and with a very strong creative and entrepreneurial energy.

2. How would you define your work?

It’d be difficult to define my work with a phrase, my work is a response to concerns of a specific time determined by the project I’m working on at the moment and its general aspects. Some projects require cosmic energy and its own philosophy while others only need the correct approach and aesthetic.

3. How does the geographical context (TJ-SD region) reflect on your work?

I’d say there are two crucial influences on my work as a Visual Creator: urban graphic and global aesthetic trends. On one hand, Tijuana has always offered a considerable amount of visual inspiration, from its irregular aesthetic to its chaotic personality; it’s a city that conveys liberty and strength. On the other hand, San Diego has been my access to global culture; its record shops, bookstores, concerts, its Comic-con, its Guitar Center, its HG Daniels, its orderly form. It’s definitely like having the best of both worlds. For these reasons I’d say the geographical context is essential to my work as it is part of my upbringing and to a great extent still a source of inspiration.

Fritz Torres Carrillo

Fritz Torres Carrillo

Independent graphic producer based in Tijuana. Founder of “cha3”, design studio in charge of Nortec Collective’s Art Direction. In 2006 and 2009 Fritz was nominated for a Latin Grammy for his artwork on Nortec Collective’s Vol.3 and Bostich+Fussible’s Tijuana Sound Machine.

Graphic editor of the book “El Paso del Nortec-This is Tijuana”. Fritz has collaborated with Veneno-Inc, Discovery Communications and Anke Thomen, in projects for Christina Aguilera, Bette Midler, Discovery Channel and Asian-TV amongst others.

His work has been exhibited in: Foro-Laus Barcelona; Anti-Design-Fest in the UK; ARCO Barcelona; Galerie Anatome in Paris France; Milan Triennial in Italy and Prague Design Center in Czech Republic. He has also been published in: Flaunt Magazine, Communication Arts, “a! diseño”, Rolling Stone Magazine, TASHEN-Latin American Graphic Designers, “100 años de diseño en México” and Die- Gestalten’s Play-Loud in Germany amongst others.