José Manuel Cruz | Estudio_ChP+

José Manuel Cruz | Estudio_ChP+

1. How do you define the SD-TJ Region?

As a multi-color, multi-fabric thread that constantly generates new patterns.

2. How do you define your work?

Flexible and adaptable to each project, always considering its context as a starting point.

3. How does the geographical context (SD-TJ Region) reflects in your work?

It dictates the search of an adequate and broader communication result, considering a wide bicultural public.

Jorsh Peña

José Manuel Cruz

Freelance graphic designer with over 20 years of experience, has been a professor for both bachelor and master’s degree programs in graphic design, an active collaborator with Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) for the Exhibitions Department, is also part of the marketing team of ABC AIDA / Cardiff Bank. .


Quilts / Edredones

Museum exhibition, 2018 Graphic identity, information graphics, environmental graphics and collaterals for the quilt collection exhibition of the Mingei International Museum.
Setting at Gallery 2 of El Cubo, Centro Cultural Tijuana, August 17th, 2018 – November 4th, 2018. In collaboration with the Mingei International Museum.

- Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT), client. Tijuana, México.