Yuko Stuff

1. How do you define the Tijuana-San Diego region?

Multicultural and multilingual. A mixture of cultures that have lived here, arriving permanently or just passing through on their quest for the American Dream with the typical touch of California freedom, mixed with the drive to get ahead found in the families that have worked together to create and power the many industries here that are known around the world. The region has been built into a composite of its original traditions and a future-oriented vision.

2. How do you define your own work?

My work is usually simple, colorful, and fun. Based on popular culture and touching on a variety of topics, from complex to trivial. Illustrative and not symbolic. A reflection of my interests, experiences, and daily lived experiences, as well as serving to support the work it extols.

3. How is the geographical context of the Tijuana-San Diego region reflected in your work?

Being so multicultural and bilingual, my work mixes topics, cultural icons, mass media and styles. Attempting to represent one of the many faces of what is to have grown up in the most important border region.

Yimbo | Carlos Escárrega

Mayuko Zúñiga

I was born and raised in Tijuana, since childhood I have been involved in learning and artistic creation through maternal influence. I studied Art (UABC) with a stay at UMSA (Argentina), as well as another in Graphic Design (UAD). I like to mix my interest in history, art and design, as well as the everyday and funny stuff. My works are usually simple, colorful and entertaining, using various tools and media.